New headquarters foundation V-A-C Foudation.

Renovation project of the old headquarters of the Venice Port Authority as the headquarters of the V.A.C Foundation. In particular, the sub-foundation works of the walls of the central hall were designed with the obtaining of technical rooms and services. Of particular importance was the design of the reinforcement of the wooden roofing structure that discharged onto false walls, the intervention involved the creation of a mixed wooden-metal lattice working with the structure mounted. The project of the staircase is underlined, for which a tubular section was made with invisible bolts.


  • place Venice (Italy)
  • client V-A-C Foundation
  • period 2016 - 2017
  • amount of work 1.5190.389 €
  • performed activities Progetto definitivo, esecutivo strutturale
  • credits APML Alessandro Pedron Maria Pia La Tegola architetti